Farm to Cup

YGYI’s wholly owned subsidiary, CLR Roasters, is helping to redefine the farm-to-cup sector of the green coffee industry with an innovative mindset focused on direct sourcing and quality control. By concentrating on owning all aspects of the coffee lifecycle–from growing to processing to sales–CLR Roasters offers unparalleled quality, nimbleness, and efficiency in its business practices. Our groundbreaking January purchase of a 45-acre, state-of-the-art coffee processing facility in Nicaragua increased our company’s production capabilities to 58 million pounds of sustainable coffee annually. With an existing five-year contract to produce 205 million pounds of coffee valued at $250 million, the company’s coffee holdings are already firing on all cylinders and making a large-scale national impact.

CLR Roasters’ presence in the coffee industry is felt via their in-house boutique brands– Café La Rica espresso, Cafe Cachita espresso, and the Josie’s Java House and Javalution single-serve brands. With placement in more than 2,000 retail doors like Bi-Lo and Winn-Dixie nationwide, Café Cachita and Café La Rica are continuing on the tradition of outstanding Cuban espresso in one of the fastest growing niches in the coffee market. Meanwhile, the recent partnership between Amazon Vendor Central and the Café La Rica and Josie’s Java House brands will allow CLR Roaster to sell both brands directly to Amazon’s 300 million monthly users, while Javalution–the first-ever company in the fortified coffee space–will begin selling CBD-infused, single-serve coffee in May of 2019 as a way to merge the rapidly emerging gourmet coffee and CBD markets.


  • CLR Roasters
  • Josie’s Java House
  • Cafe La Rica
  • Cafe Cachita
  • Javalution


  • HempFX
  • Khrysos Industries
  • Javalution
  • INX Labs
  • Icelandic Glacial (exclusive agreement)


Field to Finish

With hemp-derived CBD expected to grow as large as $22 billion by 2021 following the passage of the 2018 US Farm Bill, our company is uniquely positioned to capitalize on that meteoric (change word) growth via a field-to-finish strategy as Youngevity. YGYI’s recent acquisition of Khrysos Industries allows the company to establish a competitive advantage (word) standards for purity testing within their hemp-derived CBD products by handling the cultivation, processing, and formulation of those products under one roof. Beyond that, the purchase of Khrysos allows YGYI to reap the continuous financial benefits of rental fees derived from Khrysos’ industry-leading CBD extraction systems and establishes a new genetic testing facility dedicated to working on innovation for a target on zero-THC hemp plant.

In addition to the Javalution CBD-infused coffee it sells, YGYI is also committed to reaching customers and helping them enjoy the therapeutic qualities of CBD via its in-house HempFX brand and through its exclusive cross-marketing agreement with Icelandic Glacial bottled water. YGYI plans to pair HempFX’s three convenient products–Soothe topical cream, Uplift softgels, and Relax oil–with a forthcoming ready-to-drink CBD product YGYI will collaboratively create with Icelandic. This will allow customers to experience the wide-ranging benefits of CBD daily through a wide range of non-intrusive products all designed to capitalize on traditional and new-age retail methods like online and direct selling.

Omni Direct

Sales Channel

As businesses have evolved in the 21st Century so too have sales models, and Youngevity is among the global players in maintaining an omni-direct sales model. Beyond placement on the shelves of traditional retail giants like Winn-Dixie and growing online sales through channels like Amazon, Youngevity is fully harnessing the advantages apparent in the direct-selling marketplace globally. With the direct selling industry totaling roughly $190 billion worldwide, Youngevity has strategically developed products in the wellness segments that most rely on direct selling: anti-aging, skin care, brain health, and weight loss.

In the immediate future, YGYI is looking to couple its holdings in the $38 billion US direct selling market with an expansion into the largest direct selling market with an expansion into China one of the largest direct selling opportunities in the world. The $84 billion annual direct selling market in China is an significant opportunity for YGYI to adapt its products like its coffee or wellness holdings to an entirely new clientele. With a network of thousands of existing direct selling representatives, YGYI has the ability to pivot and upscale the production of any of its dozen of products based on the fluid, changing demands of the marketplace while collecting continuous, real-time consumer data globally.


  • Youngevity
  • 90 For Life
  • Pro-Line
  • HempFX