Youngevity® Essential Life Sciences

Youngevity is dedicated to delivering nutritional and healthy lifestyle solutions to help people throughout the world live younger, longer. With consumer confidence in our healthcare system at a decline, many people are looking at effective alternatives to traditional care. Offering a wide selection of high quality, cutting edge products to fill customer needs is one of the keys to developing a successful business. Each Youngevity product is formulated using the highest quality ingredients in state-of-the-art laboratories and manufactured according to the highest standards of quality.

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CLR Roasters

Founded originally as Café La Rica, Inc. in 2001, we became CLR Roasters LLC in 2007. Our philosophy and approach as a coffee roaster is to understand our customers’ needs and expectations by relating to them as a true business partner. We stride to fulfill those needs by consistently providing them with the utmost quality products, superior taste and service. We are now one of the largest roasters, servicing customers throughout the country.

CLR Roasters distributes 3 company owned brands as follows:

  • Café La Rica Brand
  • JavaFit® Line of Healthy Coffees
  • Josies Java House (Private Label)
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