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Industry Experts

What are people saying about Youngevity International, Inc.? Here are just a few comments from some of the most knowledgeable and authoritative voices in the direct selling industry.

"Steve Wallach, through Youngevity International, Inc., has developed a unique and powerful strategy in the direct selling/network/social marketing industry! Steve Wallach has built a business model for combining organic growth within its distributor community and growth through merger and acquisition with companies having compatible products/services and company cultures, domestically and internationally, with particular emphasis in Europe and Southeast Asia." 

"Youngevity International, Inc. is using the communication channels of word-of-mouth (WOM) communication, networking and social marketing to achieve dramatic growth combining consumer products/benefits/satisfactions across international markets, geographic space and multi-cultures."

"Youngevity International, Inc. acquisitions maintain their own branding, products, management and operating structures. Each Youngevity International, Inc. company is encouraged to cross-sell its products and services to the over 600,000 customers in the other Youngevity International, Inc. ‘sister companies’...dramatically broadening their customer bases!

"The Youngevity International, Inc. corporate staff provide the sophisticated managerial support, financial stability of a $50 million dollar global company, marketing strategy and communications, tailored distributor training, regional logistics and customer service, and information technology to support Youngevity International, Inc. companies when needed."

~Professor Charles W. King
University of Illinois at Chicago
Independent network marketing industry
researcher, educator and consultant


"I know personally that Steve and Dr. Wallach have been looking for a publicly traded partner where they could take the best of direct selling in with the best of a publicly traded company, and this fit [between Youngevity and Javalution Coffee Company] is unbelievable. Youngevity has 30,000 plus distributors in 65 countries and climbing. Javalution is an American-based company merging with Youngevity to go international. That's powerful stuff. [Javalution understands] that it's the direct selling arm that will increase shareholder value. This is what collaboration’s all about. The Wallachs have drawn a line in the sand and have said ‘Distributors are King. Distributors come first."

~Troy Dooly
Internationally-recognized expert on
personal branding, leadership development,
 marketing strategies, and organizational expansion