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Company Profile

Company Timeline


  • American Longevity, later Youngevity®, founded by Drs. Joel Wallach, DVM, ND and Ma Lan, MD, MS.


  • Café La Rica, Inc., founded; becomes CLR Roasters LLC in 2007.


  • Javalution Coffee Company and the JavaFit® brand was founded. With JavaFit®, the company created a new category of functional gourmet coffee.
  • Financial Destination, Inc., a marketing company offering an array of health and wellness, financial, and lifestyle benefits and services founded by New England entrepreneur William Andreoli.
  • November – NBA superstar Theo Ratliff enters 10-year contract to introduce and promote Rebound Fx™, American Longevity’s new energy drink.


  • February – American Longevity enters into licensing agreement with the SupraLife Network, combining marketing and distributor growth efforts in a seamless international operation.
  • August – American Longevity “Bloomin’ Minerals” line of soil re-vitalizer products accepted by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for listing as an “organic material.”
  • September – American Longevity Founder, Dr. Joel Wallach, DVM, ND receives prestigious James Lind Scientific Award for discoveries in nutrition science.
  • September – FDA amends omega-3 fatty acids/coronary heart disease qualified health claim and extends claim for use on conventional foods. American Longevity is lead petitioner of health claim petition.
  • November – American Longevity joins forces with Ancient Legacy, a maker of high quality essential oils and other lifestyle products.
  • JavaFit® brand completes it’s clinical trials on it’s Diet and Energy Coffee products.
  • Legal Resume Before the FDA


  • June – DrinkACT™, a manufacturer-to-consumer direct sales company, founded.
  • July – Australian Longevity’s Ultra Gluco-gel™ is accepted by the Australian Sports Drug Agency for competitive athletic use.


  • April – American Longevity changes name to Youngevity® for greater global brand recognition.
  • June – Youngevity® launches all-natural weight management supplement Slender Fx™, containing ingredients shown to support regulation of body fat.
  • July – Youngevity joins forces with NuVANTE™, developer of a science-based line of skincare.


  • January – Dave Briskie appointed as CEO of Javalution Coffee Company.
  • January – Youngevity® launches Cocogevity™, the first of a successful line of “healthy chocolates”. Triple Treat Chocolate featuring Probiotics, TLC Liquid Chocolate featuring antioxidants, and Triple Truffle Chocolate featuring immune and bone health support are eventually added.
  • February – Youngevity® launches the Mineral Makeup Collection, a natural beauty alternative for the health conscious consumer.
  • May – Youngevity® partners with DrinkACT™, makers of the world’s first “feel good” energy drink. DrinkACT™ eventually becomes one of the fastest growing divisions of the Youngevity® Family of Companies.
  • August – Youngevity® joins forces with neo-nutrition technology pioneer, ProJoba International.
  • September – Javalution acquires 50% stake in CLR Roasters.


  • February – Weight lifting superstars, Gene Nelson and Fred Glass, appointed to Youngevity’s Athletic Advisory Board.
  • April – The Balance Company®, maker of Phenolmenal! Balance, joins the Youngevity® Family of Companies.
  • June –SUZANNE™, endorsed by Suzanne Somers, joins the Youngevity® Family of Companies, adding new beauty products, food, and fashion accessories to Youngevity® line.
  • August –PureWorks™, developer of the well-known Antibacterial Foam™ and other antibacterial products, joins the Youngevity® Family of Companies.
  • December – OvatioN™ Lifestyles, Inc., maker of triON®, an organic “three treasures” herbal energy tea for nourishing vitality, energy and spirit, joins the Youngevity® Family of Companies.


  • June – Javalution Coffee Company files self registration with FINRA to become a public company.
  • July – Javalution launches the JavaFit Brand into the Direct Sales channel.
  • September – Javalution Acquires remaining 50% stake in CLR Roasters making it a wholly owned subsidiary.
  • October – Javalution Coffee receives approval from FINRA and begins trading under the stock symbol JCOF.


  • May – Javalution awarded contract to supply Carnival Cruise Lines.
  • May –Café La Rica Brand expanded on strength of Walmart sales.
  • July – Javalution enters sales and marketing alliance with Richmont Holdings.
  • July – Youngevity® and Escape International, a direct seller of nutrition, skin care and other products, join forces.


  • March – Javalution doubles roasting capacity.
  • May – Javalution enters into master purchase agreement to supply coffee to Aldi Stores.
  • June – Youngevity® Essential Life Sciences and Javalution Coffee Company (JCOF) merge.
  • June – R-Garden™, a 20-year old provider of natural nutritional supplements, joins the Youngevity® Family of Companies.
  • July – Bellamora, a maker of science-based skin care products, joins the Youngevity® Family of Companies.
  • July – International division, DrinkACT™ establishes Southeast Asia base operations Manila, Philippines; David Almarinez named President, DrinkACT™, Southeast Asia Region.
  • August – Javalution Coffee Company (JCOF) reincorporates to Delaware, changes name to AL International, Inc.
  • August – Youngevity® Essential Life Sciences acquires Adaptogenix International; deal includes Pur3X™ line of “designer beverages”.
  • August – CLR Roasters, AL International’s commercial coffee division, launches two new company-owned retail brands, Javalution™ and Josie’s Java House™.
  • October – Financial Destination, Inc. (FDI) joins with Youngevity®; addition of new categories and customer relationships fuels company's aggressive "consumer cloud" growth strategy.
  • November – Youngevity® launches 90 For Life Campaign, promoting the 90 essential nutrients for good health, and Get Skinny Program.


  • January – Youngevity® Founder Dr. Joel D. Wallach, BS, DVM, ND is awarded 2011 Klaus Schwarz Commemorative Medal for his trace element research.
  • February – Renowned sports fitness and nutrition expert, Sanjeev Javia, is appointed to Youngevity's Athletic Advisory Board.
  • March – Youngevity® opens office in Thailand, further expanding AL Internationals presence in Southeast Asia.
  • April – Dave Briskie, former CEO of Javalution Coffee, is appointed as Chief Financial Officer of AL International.
  • May – Steve Hess, Denver Nuggets Assistant Coach and renowned expert in elite human performance training, is appointed to Youngevity's Athletic Advisory Board.
  • May – True2Life, maker of a unique line of all-natural personal care and wellness products, joins the Youngevity Family of Companies.
  • July – Livinity™, provider of health and wellness products with a strong focus on pain management, stress relief, and energy, joins the Youngevity® Family of Companies.
  • August – CLR Roasters expands contract with Carnival Cruise Lines to supply all ships with the private label coffee; previously supplied to 60% of private label coffee.
  • August – Youngevity® initiates clinical studies at Clemson University's Institute of Nutraceutical Research to evaluate potential effects of Youngevity® products on human biomarkers.
  • December – AL International Board of Directors authorize JCOF Stock Repurchase Program.


  • January – Youngevity® announces results of clinical studies conducted by Clemson University's Institute of Nutraceutical Research of two of its products, Beyond Tangy Tangerine® and Ultimate Classic®, on safety, inflammation, and cancer cell cultures.
  • January – Marilu Henner, popular actress, producer, author, and longtime wellness and health advocate, is appointed as Youngevity's newest Celebrity Ambassador.
  • February – Sanjeev Javia, noted fitness and nutrition expert, and Dr. Luis Arriaza, successful chiropractor and co-founder of True2Life, are appointed to Youngevity's Medical and Scientific Advisory Board.
  • April – Youngevity Essential Life Sciences named among the Top 100 Direct Selling Companies by Direct Selling News.
  • May – AL International Announces the Youngevity Be the Change.
  • May – Drew Pearson, former Dallas Cowboy and NFL legend, appointed as Youngevity Ambassador for bone & joint health.
  • June – AL International stock ticker symbol changes from JCOF to YGYI and begins trading on the OTCQX Marketplace.
  • July – AL International (YGYI) changes corporate name to Youngevity International, Inc.
  • August – Youngevity International (YGYI) Announces Acquisition of Heritage Makers
  • August – Youngevity Essential Life Sciences Initiates Research at the Richardson Center for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals at the University of Manitoba
  • September – CLR Roasters Receives SQF Level 2 Certification
  • September – Youngevity International (YGYI) Announces Acquisition of GOFoods Global
  • October – Youngevity International Inks Direct Sourcing Agreement
  • November – Youngevity International (YGYI) Announces Acquisition of Biometics


  • January – Youngevity Announces Launch of Imortalium™ Into Global Direct Sales Channel
  • January – Youngevity Aligns with Celebrity Fashion Designer, Marisa Kenson, and Enters the Apparel and Accessories Market
  • January – CLR Roasters Announces Two Year $2.5 Million Contract
  • February – Youngevity Announces International Expansion into Russia and Israel
  • March – CLR Roasters Expands Coffee Distribution with the Walmart Group
  • March – Youngevity Continues International Expansion to Latin America
  • May – Youngevity Announces Acquisition of Good Herbs, Inc. and Beyond Organic, Inc.
  • May – CLR Roasters Acquires Coffee Plantation and Processing Plant in Nicaragua
  • May – CLR Roasters Inks $3.5 Million in Contracts as it Launches Green Coffee Distribution Business
  • May – Youngevity Announces Results of Research Studies Performed by the Richardson Center for Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals – University of Manitoba
  • July – Youngevity Continues International Expansion to Malaysia
  • July – Youngevity Launches E-Tailing Boutique Website
  • July – CLR Roasters Inks $3 Million in New Contracts for its Green Coffee Distribution Business
  • August – Youngevity Completes $4.35M Convertible Notes for its Green Coffee Business and to Purchase K-Cup Coffee Machine
  • August – Youngevity and Celebrity Danny Glover Team Up To Fight Diabetes and Obesity
  • August – CLR Roasters Announces Five Year $10.4M Coffee Roasting Contract for Six Private Label Brands
  • August – CLR Roasters Announces Expansion of Coffee Operations
  • September – Youngevity Invests in Capital Improvements at Global Headquarters
  • September – CLR Roasters Inks $2M in New Contracts for its Green Coffee Business
  • October – Youngevity Announces Acquisition of Restart Your Life
  • November – Youngevity Announces Official Grand Opening in Russia
  • November – Youngevity Launches Global Banking Platform with Wells Fargo Bank


  • January – Youngevity Announces Partnership with Energy Professionals
  • January – CLR Roasters Receives $26M in Purchase Commitments for its Green Coffee Business