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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Within Youngevity International, Inc., (OTC STOCK SYMBOL:YGYI), honesty, trust, and respect provide the foundation of our business dealings and is paramount to our strong standing in the marketplace. As employees, we are each responsible to act honestly and candidly in all decisions to insure strong relationships are built with all customers, both external and internal. Our Code of Ethics is provided as a framework for the principles by which each of us should conduct our daily activities and interactions with each other, and those others with whom we do business. The Code of Ethics in brief asks each employee to:

  1. Respect individual rights and the property of others
  2. Consistently produce and retain accurate records
  3. Report any unethical behavior and avoid conflicts of interest
  4. Comply with all laws, rules, and regulatory requirements
  5. Use best efforts in the protection, and management of YGYI's assets and resources
  6. Maintain the confidentiality of YGYI information

Respectfully Foster a Safe Work Environment

YGYI is committed to providing a safe, healthy, fun environment for employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders. We have strict policies in place to protect against harassment, discrimination and unsafe behavior, however, it is up to each of us, as individuals, to see these policies are followed and properly policed. Through strong and sincere respect for each other, and that of the entire YGYI team, is the only we can create and maintain a safe, vibrant and prosperous work environment.

Accurate Reporting and Record Keeping

Each one of us is responsible for monitoring and/or creating accurate reporting of YGYI's business and operations. We must all cooperate daily to make sure that correct records are maintained, that financial disclosures comply with the regulations, laws and rules that apply to us, and that any official proceedings are not impeded. Any questions about how to retain or when to destroy records should be directed at Accounting, Human Resources, or our corporate legal counsel. Please report any concerns about record keeping or any other unethical behavior to your supervisor, your Human Resources representative, an independent Board Member, or to our 24-hour Unethical Behavior Hot Line.

Legal Compliance

All YGYI employees must be aware of the laws and regulations that govern our business, particularly laws and regulations related to our specific jobs. It is up to each of us to adhere to these laws as well as to prevent, detect, and report instances of illegal behavior that do not support the interests and well-being of the company.

Beyond compliance with the law, YGYI employees should act in good faith during interactions with local, state, and federal organizations. All communication with government officials and all lobbying activities must be direct, honest, and in accordance with the rights and responsibilities relevant to our company and operations. Finally, YGYI operates in the global marketplace with diverse customs; we must each be aware of the relevant laws of the countries with which YGYI trades and otherwise conducts business.

Conflicts of Interest

A "conflict of interest" occurs whenever private or personal interests interfere with performance of duties or the best interests of the company as a whole. We should avoid conflicts of personal interests with YGYI interests and even situations that may appear to constitute a conflict of interest. Each of us is obligated to avoid situations or business relationships that might impair loyalty to YGYI or affect personal judgment regarding what is in the company's best interests. Only the Board of Directors can provide authorization to employees of situations where perceived conflict of interest may be applicable. If you have questions about what constitutes a conflict of interest or if you become aware of an actual conflict of interest, please contact a supervisor, the Human Resources Department, or the company's outside legal counsel

Corporate Assets and Resources

Each employee is responsible for the good management, safe keeping, and efficient use of YGYI's assets and resources, which include intellectual and physical property, staff, inventory, consumables, and capital assets. It is everyone's responsibility of seeing that YGYI funds are spent in a fiscally responsible manner and that our resources are used only for YGYI business purposes. Employees should be aware that YGYI maintains the right to access, review, and monitor any information transmitted, received or stored using our electronic equipment, with or without an employee's or third party's knowledge, consent or approval (Please refer to The Employee Manual for more information). Please use discretion, moderation, and good judgment when gift-giving and entertainment are options. No one should take personal advantage of opportunities or potential opportunities that properly belong to YGYI, or are discovered in the course of employment or directorship, without first obtaining consent from a direct supervisor, Human Resources or in the case of executive officers and directors, the Board. If you suspect or know of a misuse of YGYI company assets, resources, or opportunities, please report it immediately to Corporate General Counsel, the 24-hour Unethical Behavior Hot Line.

Public Relations

From time to time Newspapers, magazines, radio or television request information about YGYI. Being a public company it is important to speak to the media with a consistent message about our business and to factually represent YGYI's mission and business platform and history in a consistent manner. To help ensure this consistency we've come up with a few ground rules:

  1. The Chief Financial Officer or the Manager of Investor Relations will handle all inquiries about earnings releases, finances, or material contract disclosures. Any related questions on these topics should be promptly referred to the Investor Relations Department.
  2. The CEO, the VP of Marketing, or the CFO must approve any press releases, statements to the press or interviews with the media in advance.
  3. Employees, if contacted by the by the media, will refer the media, without comment, to the CEO, the VP of Marketing, or the CFO. Only they will determine what information can be made available to the public.


The success and integrity of YGYI depend on the protection of confidential business information and the protection of non-public information. As a publicly traded company, YGYI is required to adhere to security laws and regulations prohibiting the disclosure of "insider information." The sending or posting of confidential information is against YGYI policy and is subject to certain rules and regulations. These rules and regulations make it illegal to use information - obtained as an employee - about the Company that is not generally available to the public for purposes of personal profit or to advise others in order that they may profit. YGYI submits periodic filings (10-Q's, 10-K's and 8-Ks) to the SEC that disclose Company information. Information not in these documents is confidential information and may not be discussed outside the Company by any YGYI employee.


This Code of Ethics summarizes expectations behavior with integrity, but does not cover all possible ethical situations. All YGYI employees, directors, and officers are responsible for recognizing conflicts in or abuses of our code and we ask all to let honesty, trust and respect to be your guiding light. It is only from maintaining and following the highest standards and expecting the same from all who touch our business can we honor our Code of Ethics. If there is any doubt or questions regarding ethical choices you are implored to contact your supervisor, our outside legal counsel. If you see any unethical behavior, at a minimum report it to our 24-hour Unethical Behavior Hot Line. Lastly, any violations of this Code of Ethics may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.