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Marilu Henner

Marilu Henner is an actress, producer, New York Times best-selling author and longtime health and wellness activist. Marliu truly exemplifies what it means to live younger, longer and has always been passionate about inspiring and helping others live healthier, more active lifestyles. Marilu Henner has starred on stage, in several hit TV series, films, commercials, television movies and specials. Marilu is known, not only for her roles in TV series, but at sixty years of age, she continues to exemplify what it means to live a vibrant and healthy life. She believes that with good health you can do it all and has an incredible amount of energy, replenished constantly with good health and compatible habits. Henner is one of the few people in this world with a highly superior autobiographical memory. She has been very passionate about promoting Youngevity’s brain-supporting supplement, SYNAPTIV™. Henner has written nine books on diet, health, and memory, the most popular being Total Health Makeover. The success of Total Health Makeover, and her other wellness books, lead Henner to launch her own website ( dedicated to teaching others how to live healthier, more active lifestyles by not only providing valuable information, but also through live chats and online classes. Marilu can also be followed on Twitter @TheRealMarilu.

Theo Ratliff

Theo Ratliff was the 18th player picked in the 1995 NBA Draft and he established himself as one of the NBA's premier shot blockers during his professional basketball career. For many years, Theo Ratliff has relied on Youngevity products for his continued health and wellness. In August of 2012, Theo founded the Ratliff Activity Center in his hometown of Demopolis, Alabama to provide the community with a center for recreation and a variety of social support programs that include: tutoring and after school programs, parenting programs, early intervention programs, anti-tobacco programs, and exercise and aerobics classes. You can follow Theo on Twitter @shotblocker42

Drew Pearson

As a former Dallas Cowboy, Drew Pearson is widely recognized as one of the NFL's greatest wide receivers. Drew Pearson began his professional NFL career in 1973 as a "walk-on" free agent with the Dallas Cowboys, where he rose to become one of the NFL's greatest all-time wide receivers. A three time All Pro, Drew Pearson played his entire professional football career for the Dallas Cowboys and helped the Cowboys to three Super Bowl appearances and a victory in Super Bowl XII in 1978. Pearson is recognized for many achievements highlighted by being named to the NFL 1970s All-Decade Team. His name is proudly displayed in Cowboys Stadium as a member of their prestigious Ring of Honor. Since August of 2012, Pearson has been a co-host of The Drew Pearson Show, "More Than Just Sports", which is the pre and postgame show for the Dallas Cowboys season. On the show, Drew shares real life stories of his own personal experience with the Cowboys coupled with engaging guests and informative interviews. Drew is fully engaged in Youngevity's 90 for Life program and has personally enjoyed the benefits from using a number of products.

Mike Glenn

Mike "Stinger" Glenn is a former NBA basketball player who played with the Buffalo Braves, the New York Knicks, the Atlanta Hawks, and the Milwaukee Bucks and currently serves as Chairman of the Athletic Advisory Board for Youngevity. Mike Glenn graduated from Southern Illinois University with a BA in Mathematics and a Minor in Computer Science and also attended graduate business classes at St. John's University, Southern Illinois University and Baruch College. In 1979 he founded an All-Star Basketball Camp for the hearing impaired, which is a non-profit organization and the nation's first basketball camp for hearing impaired athletes that is offered every summer free of charge. As a renowned speaker, Mr. Glenn has participated in youth programs such as the Atlanta-based "Stop the Violence" campaign and drug-awareness seminars in high schools across the Southeast. Mike has spoken at numerous colleges and sports teams on health, minerals, and longevity and continues to speak at schools, churches, banquets, business offices and literacy support groups. Currently, Mike Glenn is a television basketball analyst for Fox Sports South and can be seen on Hawks Live, the pre-game, half-time, and post-game show for the Atlanta Hawks.

Gene Nelson

In an age where bodybuilding has become a sport filled with creatine, growth hormones, and gainers Gene Nelson has refrained from bulking supplementation and is known today as one of the "Greatest Natural Bodybuilder in the World." Gene began bodybuilding more than 20 years ago as a hobby, and after committing to never using steroids, Gene became a Youngevity endorsed athlete and now attributes much of his success to his consumption of the Youngevity line of products. In 2005, and at the age of 41, Mr. Nelson placed second in one of the most competitive Natural Bodybuilding contest in the world, "The Musclemania World Championships". At the time, Gene was working over 60 hours a week as a truck driver, working out 5 days a week, and still managing to find time to spend with his family. He has won the overall titles in more than 10 shows including the Natural USA, Western Musclemania Championships, Mr. Utah, Natural Colorado, and many others. Gene Nelson is known as a leader in the field of Natural Bodybuilding and has always been open to helping others reach their health and fitness goals.

Steve Hess

For over 15 years, Steve Hess has been the assistant coach/strength and conditioning for the NBA Denver Nuggets basketball team. Steve oversees all aspects of training, conditioning, nutrition, and performance for the Denver Nuggets players. Additionally, he is a sought-after trainer and consultant for a variety of Olympic and professional athletes. Mr. Nelson holds a master's degree in physical education from Ithaca College. He is the official spokesperson for the National Sports Center for the Disabled and is also a member of NBA Team Fit. In addition, Hess has been featured on the NBA Inside Stuff, NBATV and The Eating Network. Steve's passion lies in helping people achieve their fitness goals, which is why he created Forza Fitness and Performance Club. Hess is a co-owner of FORZA fitness and performance center and is one of 12 trainers worldwide who sits on the Under Armour training council.